How do Dates get picked?

Since I'm leaving my dating life entirely in the hands of the Internet, dates are randomly generated from a pool of both direct applicants and recommendations--it's a mix of complex mathematics and magic.

What if you fall completely in love with one of your first dates?

If the Internet wants to give me a second date, I'll be really grateful for a second date with my dream girl if she happens my way.

Can a Date still apply or be recommended by a friend after the project starts?

Absolutely! The 30 dates are not pre-selected too far in advance, and that's intentional--those who want to apply a couple weeks in still have a chance. Who knows when the perfect girl is going to come around?

I suggested a friend, how will I know if she gets picked?

Well if you're actually friends with her, hopefully, she'll let you know. You'll also be contacted if and when she gets picked.

Does The Date have to pay for the date?

Well technically, I'm the one asking out the whole Internet. And so since I'm asking, I'm paying. Quite the gentleman, right?

What time are the dates? Are they all in the evening?

No, dates can be anytime: lunch, evening, afternoon, depending on what works best in our schedules.

I live in another state/country/continent! Can I still apply?

You can if you're going to be in the city sometime during the project! Otherwise, due to financial and time constraints, I won't be able to date anyone outside of New York City. Unless you, like, have a private jet or something.

If I go on a date with Brian, will my identity be revealed on the site?

You will be asked to represent your side of the date: be it a voicemail recording of how the date went from your point of view or a piece of paper with pictures/words to creatively express how you felt about the date. However, your last name will not go on the site and you are not required to put up your picture.

I think you're so crazy that you're brilliant! How do I get in contact with you?

Normally you have to date me to get my info, but I guess I can make an exception just this once. Hello@datingbrian.com